build your corporate culture

WATCHA is your own

branded, dedicated, live and on-demand video streaming distribution platform

Your most powerful tool to effectively engage everyone in your organisation
With your Watcha system, setting up and managing your own channels within which you can publish video content with ease gives you a powerful tool to speak directly to your staff consistently, carrying the same message unhindered by location.

Designed to connect to streams of your corporate events, share pre-produced video content, share marketing material and corporate insights or to live stream a message from the CEO using a cell phone as the camera, your Watcha system will connect your organisation like never before.

Create channels within your organisation
Live or on demand to any device

WATCHA is your multi-channel TV station and broadcaster, in your pocket

WATCHA enables quick and easy set up and running of video streams anywhere using the devices you have.

Use anything from cell phones to high end multi-camera installations to set up and run video streams

Or upload pre-produced video content for distribution

Why implement internal communication platform
Drive Change
Create your own messaging to reinforce the change you want in your company
Increase Engagement
Video messaging creates a personal connection with you and your team, allowing the message to be absorbed.
Create meaning
Show the motives and emotion behind each message, making it personal for your team
Connect roles and goal
Visually demonstrate the link between team members and the goals of the company, connecting them to your vision
Direct productivity
Speaking to your team through video to create better understanding of what needs to be done
Share strategy
Meaningfully connect your teams to the company strategy through one or a series of videos
Meaningful messages
With the turmoil of the world today, quickly and easily share encouragement and understanding across your business
Share stories
People are the backbone of your company, share their stories and journeys to create connections
Always available
Your teams work at different times and in different places. Let your messages be available to them at any time
Consistant messages
Share the same message with everyone, no dilution, no delay
Messages received through video have a higher engagement and retention rate than e-mail
Build culture
Build and grow your corporate culture with all of your people, regardless of their location
Get your messages across your employees in a simple and targeted way
What is the Watcha platform?
Watcha is a live and on-demand video streaming distribution platform that allows you to quickly and easily set up and run live or on-demand streams from anywhere for distribution, accessible across wherever you are represented.

Using anything from cell phones and tablets to high end, multi-camera installations to set up and run video streams, your company has the flexibility to add new videos as needed or even create channels with video libraries that are only published when you want to. Watcha, as a distribution platform, is unique.
With your own personally branded and implemented installation of Watcha, with your channels and evolving content, your

Watcha system will be your most powerful communication and engagement tool.

How will our employees access content?

Easily. Your Watcha system will be developed and implemented into the Apple App and the Google Play stores as well as be made available on the Web. The Android TV application will allow you and your staff to install the application onto your smart TV for ease of viewing at any branch, home or head office location.

With an initial implementation focussed on single screen delivery into stores on a dedicated TV and later functionality to be included, your Watcha system will give you the distribution flexibility you need.

What about Corporate identity and branding?
The system will be branded with your Corporate Imagery and published by us into the stores. Should you wish for it to be published by your technical team, this can be arranged.

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